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TTB Publishes Next Round of Labeling Modernization Rulemaking women adding labels to cans in brewery on a canning line

TTB Publishes Next Round of Labeling Modernization Rulemaking

TTB has now published phase two of its rulemaking on modernizing labeling and advertising regulations for malt beverages and distilled spirits.Read More

Respectful Branding
The New Brewer: Sales & Marketing Issue

Respectful Branding

There are many ways that a brewery can build, protect, and enforce its trademark rights while respecting the rights of fellow breweries and other companies.


Brewing with Cannabis: Using THC and CBD in Beer

The topic of cannabis becomes more popular every year as additional states legalize its use, either medically or recreationally. Many brewers have wondered about the possibilities of using hemp or marijuana in a brew.In this seminar we will cover the …Read More

Craft Brewers Conference Seminar - Featured Image

Direct to Consumer Shipping: How to Do It Legally and Successfully

Direct to consumer (DtC) shipping of alcohol is on everyone’s minds these days, as consumers and suppliers alike look for better and easier ways to interact. While the positives for DtC shipping are clear, many brewers may struggle to enter …Read More

Craft Brewers Conference Seminar - Featured Image

Legal Compliance for the Craft Brewer

In this panel, craft brewers with limited resources and no in-house legal counsel will learn practical tips to organize their legal compliance efforts. Read More


Liquid Innovation without Breaking the Law

Learn about the legal and regulatory aspects of and barriers to producing the innovations potentially available to craft brewers. Panelists will discuss the legal underpinnings and regulatory parameters to making hard seltzers, pre-mixed cocktails, low-alcohol wines and ciders, cannabis and …Read More


TTB Bootcamp for Brewers

The TTB Bootcamp for Brewers is a series of five sessions designed to give both new and established brewers explanations of TTB requirements, as well as tips for how to avoid common pitfalls. Introduction to TTB Bootcamp This introductory session will cover …Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 118